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Version complète : New VARIANTS K02-5 and K02-67
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Hello all,

You can see new variant of K02-5 and K02-67 on
my site
on news page

Best regards
 [Image: bye.gif] Yaroslav,
Where have you found these variants ??  [Image: jap.gif]
Hello Mary-Line,

I bring apologies for my bad English.

I have found these variants at home (two days ago) when tidied up apartments.
My wife has told that in our small apartment everywhere toys.
I do not collect all K-Toys (only some nice toys).

On your site, I saw that the Polish eggs have variants and has decided to check up my toys.
K02-05 - I had simply two different toys, therefore I do not know whence what occurs.
K02-67 - I had two capsules. The first (variant A) - orange-brown, the second (variant B) - it is bright blue (the Polish egg).

Today I have compared 02-6 (figure "b" from Polish eggs)

It is variant or not?

[Image: d804bd04d0a78cec7916705566763e65.jpg]

[Image: 863161c341411b0e0cafc5352f9e25ae.jpg]

best regards
 [Image: bye.gif] Yaroslav
Don't worry about your English...mine is not perfect too  [Image: dingo.gif]
I've found one K02-67 with sticker in my's a German toys for Halloween 2002. Perhaps your is from Germany ??
About k02-05, I have only 1 duplicate, and it's like the left ones on your picture  :/
k02-6....yes, why not a small variant  Wink
ABOUT K02-67:
In my capsule there was Italian BPZ

It means not a new variant, is simple to us in the Polish eggs place the German variant.
Probably the sticker  differs?
I have sent you the image with the sizes of a sticker.